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All I would like to create a dream of a hopeful future.

Basic Information
Company Name S.D.M Co., Ltd.
C.E.O Wayne, Jo
Establishment Jan. 11. 2001
Capital $1,000,000
Employees 96 people
Type of Business Tool for Pressing
Address 959-7 Dae-chon Dong, Bukgu, Gwangju
TEL 82-62-974-0085
FAX 82-62-974-0087
Website http://www.toolmaker.co.kr
e-Mail sungdo23@chol.com

Company History
2001.01.11 Foundation of S.D.M Co., Ltd.
2005.07.18 Acquirement of ISO9001
2006.05.08 Acquirement of Venture Enterprise Certification
2006.05.30 Sellected as a Bluechip Medium and Small Enterprises
2006.11.30 Awarded a trophy of 5 million dollars export
2006.12.14 Selected as a INNO-BIZ company
2007.12.04 Authorization of organizating a company laboratory
2009.11.30 Awarded a trophy for the 10million dollars export
2009.11.30 Awarded Industrial Service Medal.
2010.10.25 Awarded ISO-14001 Certificate
2012.11.30 Awarded a trophy for the 20million dollars export.
2014.11.12 Designated as Root Technology Specialty Company
2014.12.16 Awarded HKMC SQ Certificate
2014.12.31 Awarded AEO Certificate